The Mercy Community’s Senior Management Team

Left to Right: Human Resources Manager Karen Landsberg; Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer Steven Beaulieu; Multi-Services General Manager Carl Saraceni; Director of Community Relations Christine M. Looby; President and Chief Executive Officer William J. Fiocchetta; Senior Vice President/Chief Mission & Compliance Officer Maureen M. Reardon, RSM, Ph.D.; Saint Mary Home Administrator Eric Dana

GovernanceIn 1852, four Sisters of Mercy came to Hartford to work among the sick and the poor. Since that day, the Sisters of Mercy have touched thousands of us, caring for us when we are ill, opening schools and orphanages to teach and nurture the children in our communities and standing with the powerless in their quest for dignity and justice.

Today, the Sisters of Mercy sponsor institutions to address their enduring concerns. Health care facilities that are publicly recognized as “Mercy” are steeped in a heritage of excellence, service and creative response to human need.

The Mercy Community is proud to be sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy- Northeast Community, and to be a member of Catholic Health East, a multi-institutional Catholic health system with a dedicated commitment to the dignity of every individual and the sacredness of life, and a distinct devotion to caring for the poor, the elderly and the disadvantaged.